Water Wildflower Essence Remedy


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Unlock any built up stress and imbalances from within, keeping you in the positive aspect of the Water Persona – sensitiveintuitive and creative.

Your personal Australian Wildflower Remedy contains the healing essences of –

Macrozamia: Restores balance to male and female energy flows. Brings balance to hormonal fluctuations.

Purple Nymph Water Lily: Assists you in not being caught in emotional traps in your life path.

Goddess Grasstree: The essence of inner strength. Helps to build emotional strength and independence.

▷ Discover your element.

Size: 25ml bottle with dropper
Skin type: All skin types


Water personas are sensitive, intuitive and creative.
For your inner health, take 4 drops (under the tongue, morning and night) to naturally clear stress and tension from within.

Additional information

Weight 70 g

Water Wildflower Essence Remedy
We are committed to using natural ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness. Find out more here.

Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Ethanol, Macrozamia (Macrozamia reidlei – SW Australia), Purple Nymph Water Lily (Nymphaea violacea), Goddess Grasstree (Kingia argentia).

How to Use

Take morning and night (four drops under the tongue, hold for a moment then swallow) – ideally as you use your skin care products – to keep you looking and feeling fantastic!

Flower Essences capture the healing qualities of a particular flower; offering a unique way of rebalancing the whole person, body, mind and spirit. They work internally, dissolving stress and tension from within, to enhance your inner vitality, energy levels and well-being.

Flower essences can be used in conjunction with both complementary and orthodox medicines because they are totally safe and free from any side effects.

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