Digest-Ease Probiotic


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Digest-Ease is a powdered probiotic superfood, produced with a patented slow drying technology.

This technique protects the huge number of beneficial organisms, enzymes and nutrients it contains.

The root cause of many digestive difficulties is a lack of the enzymes that facilitate this critically important bodily function; Digest-Ease is a potent source of key amino acids, digestive enzymes and pre-biotic nutrients that work together to repopulate and enhance our intestinal flora for optimum digestive health.

No Artificial Colouring, Flavouring or Preservatives. Non-Dairy.


Size: 150g
Skin type: All skin types

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Digest-Ease is a powdered probiotic superfood for optimum digestive health.

Additional information

Weight 150 g

Digest-Ease Probiotic
We are committed to using natural ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness.

INGREDIENT LIST: Organic Soya Bean, Fructose, Organic Oat, Organic Barely, Organic Wheat, Organic Linseed, Organic Mung Beans, Organic Chick Peas, Organic Maize, Organic Alfalfa Seed, Organic Rice, Organic Rye Grain, Organic Millet, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Alfalfa Grass, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Malt Liquid, Molasses. Fermented with Natural Organic Lactobacillus Bacteria and Symbiotic Yeasts.

How to Use

Recommended Dosage

1 – 2 tsp / day in water or juice (add powder to liquid, and stir well)
Sprinkle over cereals
Meal Replacement – 4 heaped tsp to 1 cup of water
(Add your favourite fruits to make a delicious smoothie.)

Some FAQ’s

I see that Digest-Ease contains soy? Isn\'t it bad for us?
Yes, the processed soy commonly found in the western diet should be avoided as much as possible. We use fermented soy in Digest-Ease and there is a big difference. Fermented soy has been an integral part of the Asian diet for thousands of years and has many health benefits.

How are the microbes alive?
The microbes are in a \'dormant\' state which is achieved using a patented drying process over 6 weeks. They are activated when they enter your digestive system.

Does Digest-Ease need to be refrigerated?
After opening, yes.

I am Gluten Intolerant / I have Celiac\'s Disease – Can I still use this product?
We have had many cases of gluten intolerant people taking Digest-Ease without side-effects. The fermentation process seems to neutralise the adverse reactions that many people experience; If you feel comfortable, we suggest trying a small amount and working your way up.

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