Our story

When traditional, quality skincare practise and cosmetics couldn’t relieve her stress-related acne, Heritage Healers’ Founder – Leanne Lovatt – began searching for other treatments.

Wildflower essences replaced her prescribed daily-use antibiotics and she soon started feeling and looking well. As a beauty salon owner, she shared her discovery with clients. The amazing results were repeated over and again.

Understanding that superficial treatment only manages the symptom, not the problem, Leanne created Heritage Healers’ unique, holistic wellness skincare products. With wildflower essences as their base they restore skin health; working inside and out to create life-balance, total well-being and youthful vitality.

Heritage Healers first heals from within, to ensure you look and feel fantastic everyday.

We launched ‘Live a Beautiful Life’ as a unique online resource for all your beauty, wellness and lifestyle needs.

Living a beautiful life can mean many things. To us it means living your best life – and appreciating beauty in all its forms. Beauty in the world, in our family and friends, and in ourselves. It means living ethically and sustainably, with gratitude and love. And it means surrounding ourselves with unique and beautiful products, and people who feel the same.

All featured products and services on our Live a Beautiful Life store are mindfully sourced from ethical, sustainable suppliers; and supported by our Australia-wide network of Heritage Healers professional beauty salons, spas and wellness centres.

Spa treatments and therapies at the Heritage Healers Wellness Centres embrace a new level of holistic wellness, with each beauty ritual designed and customised to the unique needs of your skin and lifestyle.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful life with you…

Live a Beautiful Life